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Dino Rosin Arte Studio: Windego Pieces
Windego Pieces

In this series of sculptures inspired by the clear fresh water and rocky shores of the North American wilderness, the Rosin brothers combines transparent and calcedonia glass to catch the ephemeral beauty of colored pebbles washed by running water. Seen through the permanent fluidity of clear glass the whorls, stripes and colors inherent to calcedonia glass are intensified, much like stones submerged at the edge of a lake or stream reveal their hidden colors and seem to be gems when reflecting sunlight. By exposing internal form through transparency and emply space, these sculptures unveil the tension and movement of the glass itself. The rainbow hues of calcedonia are like waves, whirlpools, jetties and rills. Fixed but liquid still, together the two types of glass give these works a lightness and clarity that is almost spiritual in the fusion offire, water, rock and air. The limpid glory of each irrepeatable piece demonstrates the mystical breath of creation animating the infinite variety of the natural world.